Susan Shen

Susan Shen

Senior Designer

Susan joins the RVD team with a strong background in design and project management. Having been head of design for the illustrious Greenland Development Group, and most recently overseeing design for the Indigo Hotel in Los Angeles, she is sought after by international clients looking for a strong cultural sense for their projects. Susan delves deep into the design of each property, using her vast design knowledge and experience to create the most sophisticated designs one can find.

What inspires you?
Smart and new things

What is your dream project?
A project where the Client will allow me to do anything I want with the design.

What is your favorite Sunday activity?
Spending time with my family, whatever and wherever.

What is your motto?
Try your best and be kind to people.

What is your favorite place on Earth?
A place that is relaxing and has a strong cultural sense.

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